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  • Production. We are leading specialists in clock systems, bells, audio and church automation. The concept of time holds no secrets to us in terms of electronics and mechanics. As a certified artisan and contracting business we use products which comply with the strictest technical standards in the areas of over-voltage and lightning strikes. Our lab for instance puts the products through their paces to the extreme by simulating extremely hard-hitting lightning strikes. In a nutshell, you may rest safe in the knowledge that your entire installation will be carried out in accordance with the rules.
  • Installation & restorationFor domestic installations Clock-o-matic runs its own installation service. For international projects, we call on the services of an extensive network of authorised installers in over 50 countries. Our technicians are highly trained and receive ongoing on-the-job training. In addition they hold an industrial rope techniques certificate. This knowledge and expertise are safeguards to enable them to safely operate at heights and inside towers. And you can rest assured that your installation of monumental clocks, swinging bells or carillons is carried out in accordance with the rules.
  • Automation. Anything from bells across clocks to internet-connected, intelligent systems allowing for the heating, lighting, the opening of doors, bells, clocks, etc. to be remote controlled. Our Apollo®III master clock does it all. An intelligent system that delivers the ultimate in user comfort. In addition, Clock-o-matic’s systems are modular. Allowing you to decide when to make which connection and when to make which step towards the ‘church of the future’. We like to provide our expertise and input when it comes to the design and implementation of the forward-thinking concretisation of your religious heritage.
  • Maintenance & repairs. Your installation is an electromechanical and electronic system that is in constant operation. All components of a bell-ringing, tower clock or carillon installation typically run (manually or automatically) in a tower in what are sometimes cold and damp conditions and are expected to operate for many years, whilst performing thousands of actions (e.g., in principle 17,520 hour and half-hour strikes are performed per year and 525,000 actions per year in operating a tower clock).
  • Advice & unburdening. Working in tandem with its partners, Clock-o-matic goes for maximum protection of your heritage. You can rely on an all-encompassing, fast and affordable service at all times. Based on our long-standing experience, we provide feasible tailored advice for your bells and clock installations for new-builds, restoration and automation projects. In short, we advise and unburden you with the management of your heritage project.Innovation. Our in-house research department is constantly working on the development of new systems and ways to improve the current ones. The electronic Apollo® master clock, the carillon computer and the electronic Movotron® swinging system are just some of the fruits to come out of these efforts. Several of these innovations are protected by European patents.
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