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A comprehensive product range for controlling your tower clocks

Thanks to our extensive practical experience, working in association with our authorised installers, we have acquired up to hundreds of years of expertise in monumental clocks, such as tower clocks, floral clocks, astronomical clocks and antique mechanical clocks.

We custom-build dials and hands for any kind of tower or building, whereby we use materials ranging from stainless steel to copper and aluminium.

  • We combine modern CNC techniques and artisanal skills (like gilding) to create your dials, hands and numerals.
  • Our slave and gear units control the tower clock. With extra care and attention going out to the clock’s exposure to high wind loads.
  • We place a premium on corrosion protection and use high-quality lacquer to ensure colour stability for decades.
  • Monumental clocks can also be lit using LED lighting which can be integrated into the hands.
  • In addition we also supply canisters, double-sided dials and separate numerals for wall mounting and we specialise in the restoration of existing dials.


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Product range for clock faces
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