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Clock-o-matic handles the installation of your carillon from A to Z

  • Carillon mechanism. Clock-o-matic builds all mechanical components for your carillon in its own workshops, such as clappers, wheels, yokes and bell frames. Both in building new carillons and in the restoration of historical carillons we have racked up a wealth of experience over the decades.

    Bells. We provide both bronze carillon bells and swinging bells. Where this bells are intended to complement an existing set, we make sure that the new bells are perfectly matched with the existing does, thereby creating seamless harmony.


    Carillon computer. Most carillons around the world are controlled by our advanced carillon computers. We have made considerable efforts to ensure the highest level of reliability and the most impressive musical performances for your automatic carillon music. Carillonneurs duly rate our carillon system’s MIDI compatibility and have remote access to the system from their pc.


    Practice keyboards. Our practice keyboards are a valuable practice tool to carillonneurs and carillon schools. Practising on our STUDIUM practice keyboard is a real pleasure courtesy of the integrated, ultramodern digital bell sound. Each key has multiple digital speed sensors that replicate the impact of the clapper on a real carillon, allowing carillonneurs to practise the typical fast tremolos. An integrated Apollo III sequencer system allows for the recording and onward processing of music on a pc by way of the MIDI standard.


    Digital Carillon System. Where it proves impossible to install an actual, cast bronze carillon for practical reasons, we are able to provide a Digital Carillon System in which we have digitally recorded accurately matched carillon bells. We are keen to offer you the sound of reach Flemish bells. Carillonneurs also use our Digital Carillon System to study and practise their carillon music.

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