Sevilla Spain


Tradition & technology

Throughout the ages, bell ringers have built a wonderful tradition.  Originally, this was done by manually balancing the bell by way of a wheel and a rope. Each country or region has its own local traditions and we are keen to take on the challenge of ensuring tradition and technology go hand in hand.


The ringing of the bells is now electronically controlled by the MOVOTRON® swinging system. Our expert system for bell-swinging, MOVOTRON, is capable of replicating the sound of traditional manual bell ringing, adjusted to local ringing traditions, with the aid of the relevant software. This consists of a feedback microprocessor controller which closely monitors the movement of the bell at every stage (start, swinging and stop). This ensures the bells and the bell tower are efficiently protected. The resounding result is perfectly in keeping with the old tradition of manual bell ringing.


The Apollo®, Tempora® & Tempus® master clocks ensure the manual or automated performance of all bell functions such as ringing, tolling, manual tolling, Roman mourning and Angelus. Our devices are internet-connected and can be controlled via pc, tablet or smartphone. Across the globe, we have installed over 30,000 Clock-o-matic master clocks.

Sevilla Spain
swinging bell automation
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