or musical school bell

Traditional or musical school bell

We have come up with a purpose-developed, very easy to use electronic control system for school bells, side clocks and alarms. We cater for traditional school bells and modern musical systems alike.

For traditional school bells the programming of the bell times is entirely adjusted to suit your wishes. In case of a power outage, the programming is automatically restored. The plug-in panic button sounds the alarm on the bells.

For musical school bells, the traditional school bell is replaced by a multifunctional audio system, which gives you maximum wider area communication facilities.

The electronic clockwork controls the bells, side clocks and alarms in schools.

The bell system is very easy to use. All instructions are displayed on-screen in the language of your choice.

The shrill school bell is replaced by music.

bell systems with music for schools

Increasingly more often, schools are seen to replace their sharp and shrill ringing tones by cheery melodies to announce the start and finish of break times.

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