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Your projects designed and built to your requirements

Around the world, we enjoy a solid reputation as the go-to partner for customised projects: floral clocks, monumental digital clocks, moving figures, jacquemarts, astronomical clocks or whatever we and our customers can think up. Even in the most complex projects, we seek out reliable solutions.

These custom projects are demonstrable proof of Clock-o-matic’s craftsmanship and that of its partners. All the more so as this requires creativity as the incentive to come up with specific solutions for exclusive situations. Jacquemarts and moving figure clocks require an often invisible but intricate construction; astronomical clocks precise design and accuracy.

A multitude of specific and complex components are at the heart of these showcase pieces. Here too, we design and build everything in-house to guarantee the Clock-o-matic quality.

Needless to say these custom-devised projects come with the most advanced technology whereby operational reliability, precision and ease of use are the norm. We are able to upgrade existing showcase clocks so they are equipped with the latest technologies. Thereby giving these time-honoured installations a new lease of life, offering operational reliability and safe and user-friendly control.

Historical playing systems and jacquemarts are often tourist attractions. Clock-o-matic has restored a number of these monumental hour striking systems. Conserving this visual and auditory heritage demands specific restoration methods whereby a mechanical understanding of the accomplishments of the past is important. In addition, we are able to meet the strictest demands in terms of aesthetic finishes.

Monumental clocks
astronomical clock
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