Tempus® III master clock

Clock-o-matic is a trailblazer and market leader when it comes to designing master clocks. Across the globe, we have already installed over 25,000 Clock-o-matic master clocks over at the premises of 50,000 satisfied customers.

The master clocks from the Tempus III series were especially developed for smaller installations in town halls, chapels, schools and factories.

The Tempus III series comes in 2 versions.

Tempus III is used for installations where only time indication (tower clock/slave clock) is required.

Tempus III E is used for installations where, in addition to time indication, 1 or 2 electromagnetic strikers also need to be controlled. In addition to the possibilities of the basic TEMPUS device, it also has the following functions:

  • hour strike,  hour strike repetition, half-hour strike and quarters: switching the hour strike programmed by the installer on and off
  • Angelus: switching the Angelus programmed by the installer on and off
  • manual start and stop of simulated swinging (=tolling)
  • swing programmes: switching the swing programmes programmed by the installer on and off (max. 5 programmes)
  • manual tolling
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