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Swinging bells

We design, build and optimise your bell installation

Swinging bells have been the “signum ecclesiae”–the sign of the Church–for centuries. They lend expression to major moments and events we are all sensitive to. Clock-o-matic and its partners are able to design, build and optimise the wide range of options of bell combinations, in a technical as well as musical sense. Adapted to the specificity or culture of the local region or country. All variations such as synchronous ringing, ringing with flying or falling clapper, round ringing, concerto and ambrosian ringing are available.

Ringing is electronically controlled by the MOVOTRON® swinging system: this exclusive Clock-o-matic system ensures the bells and the bell tower are efficiently protected. The resounding result is perfectly in keeping with the traditions of yore.

Moreover, the MOVOTRON® swinging system is compatible with any existing installation.

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swinging bells

We supply all components for your ringing installation

Needless to say Clock-o-matic or its distributors also supply all components for your ringing installation. We make sure that any new bells added perfectly fit the tone colour and pitch of the bells already in place. Bell frames are designed in consideration of the space available and the electrical installation complies with the strictest safety standards as well as applicable CE and AREI regulations.

All mechanical products such as the electromagnetic strikers, clappers, wheels, yokes, swinging motors and bell frames are custom-built.

In addition Clock-o-matic Belgium holds the “Restoration by craftsmen” certification. (Class 3-D23 certification)

In spite of the best possible care taken, bells may get damaged. Cracked bells can be welded and broken crowns can be repaired. Wear as a result of the constant hitting of the clapper can be prevented. We make every effort to appropriately repair or restore historical bells. If required, bell frames are restored, reinforced and treated. Suspension bolts, electrical wiring and cabling, electromagnetic strikers, clapper hooks are adjusted or replaced by our own materials if required. Clock-o-matic’s worldwide expertise and that of its partners make us the go-to benchmark on the market.

swinging bells
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