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We come up with economically feasible solutions that are based on high-quality products.

Monumental clocks

Clock-o-matic and its partners design, build and optimise monumental clocks. We are happy to advise and are able to create the right dials with numerals and hands in any style for any type of building or tower for you. We are also available to handle the restoration of historical, mechanical tower clocks.

Swinging bells

Clock-o-matic and its partners design, build and optimise bell installations, in a technical as well as musical sense. Automation, restoration, expanding the ringing features, adding swinging bells, adjusting the existing bells, yokes and bell frames: these are activities in which we boast over 70 years’ experience!



Clock-o-matic and its partners design, build and optimise carillon installations. Setting out from our longstanding experience, we provide feasible advice for every carillon project: restoration, adjustments, expansions or new projects.

Master clocks

Clock-o-matic’s master clocks ensure the manual or automated performance of all clock and bell functions.

Our devices are internet-connected and controlled via pc, tablet or smartphone. Across the globe, we have already installed over 25,000 Clock-o-matic master clocks.

Swinging systems

Our Movotron ® electronic swinging system ensures controlled and safe ringing, with respect for ringing traditions and heritage protection. The expert system for bell-ringing!

Tailored solutions

Around the world, we deliver showcase pieces: floral clocks, monumental digital clocks, moving figure clocks, jacquemarts, astronomical clocks or whatever we and our customers can think up. Even in the most complex projects, we seek out reliable solutions.