tower clock


Electronic cutting edge technology in automation

For the latest APOLLO® III, TEMPORA® and TEMPUS® master clocks, all functions are fully automated. They stand out courtesy of their user-friendliness and comprehensive features. Needless to say everything is custom-programmed to the customer’s wishes. The in-built radio synchronisation (DCF receiver) is your safest guarantee for absolute accuracy. With the latest modules, software upgrades can be performed remotely.

Clock-o-matic devised the electronic CHRONOS® synchronisation and winding system for mechanical clocks. This technology enables us to fit historical, mechanical tower clocks with an invisible electronic control unit. Thereby allowing these remarkable installations to go back to full working order with greater operational reliability and precision. Night-time switch-off of the hour strike, automatic winding of weights and automatic synchronisation with the atomic clock are all part of the changes we can introduce in the case of such restorations.


in-house production Apollo
in-house production dial gears
mechanical tower clock
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