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Clock-o-matic is a Belgian company that enjoys national and international renown in the field of bell installations, clockwork systems, monumental clocks and carillons for churches, public and private buildings, schools and industrial applications.

Our company has 45 professional staff and has been exclusively operating in this field of expertise for over 70 years.

In Belgium and the Grand-Dutch of Luxembourg, many thousands of churches and buildings have been fitted with our installations. We have excellent references in terms of new-builds, automation and restoration projects alike.

Clock-o-matic comes up with economically feasible solutions that are based on high-quality products. Our customers can bank on dependable and affordable service.


Clock-o-matic craftsmanship


Research & development. From the time of its establishment, Clock-o-matic has consistently worked to come up with product innovations and improvements. The programmable, electronic master clock, the carillon computer, the electronic ringing system are just some of the fruits to come out of these efforts. Several of these innovations are protected by European patents. Our ongoing in-service training and direct service ensures we keep our international partners up to date of all innovations.

In-house production. The production, construction and assembly of our products is handled at or through our in-house workshops, which allows for swift and customised adjustments to be made. On the other hand, we have a large stock of replacement parts.

Installation – repairs – maintenance. For domestic installations, Clock-o-matic runs its own installation, repair and maintenance service. Abroad we call on the services of a network of authorised fitters. They are the go-to reference partners in their own countries and are directly trained and supported by us in how to deal with Clock-o-matic products. Both at home and abroad, we ensure the full installation, servicing and repairs of all bells, tower clocks and carillons. Clock-o-matic and its distributors guarantee fast, reliable and non-brand-specific service by seasoned technicians.

Our values

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Quality products

We have been developing our electronic, electromechanical and mechanical systems for over 70 years at our own workshops, with our own engineers and technicians. Since then many installation companies in our field of expertise and bell foundries, across all of Europe as well as beyond have gone on to install our systems and products.

Dependable service

Clock-o-matic and its partners have teams of passionate professional staff. Combined they – quite literally – have hundreds of years of  technical and administrative experience in the trade. Experience we have invested in in order to enable us to offer you dependable and affordable service.

Cost-effective solutions

Carillons, bell installations, tower clocks are intricate technical systems that operate in all weathers. We closely monitor your installation year by year with the aim of keeping them in proper technical condition. Where the installation ceases to be covered by our warranty, we try and come up with quality solutions which are most budget-friendly in the long term.


As a manufacturer, we guarantee permanent availability or short-term reproducibility of original replacement parts for all Clock-o-matic products. Our equipment is designed to delivery a very long service life. Our company policy is to run an active stock of original replacement parts up to 20 years after the last production date of any given device. Beyond that, in most cases we are able to manufacture the part to its original specifications.

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Careers at Clock-o-matic

We invest in professional expertise, in customers, but equally in our staff. Competent and motivated people are most welcome at Clock-o-matic. Feel free to send in your voluntary application or respond to our job openings as advertised.