installation and restoration

Installation and restoration

Each day our technicians or the technicians of our partners hit the road to set up your installation operating between heaven and earth

installation and restoration

Our highly trained technicians are on hand to provide every technical assistance and information

For domestic installations, Clock-o-matic runs its own installation service. Abroad our products are fitted by the best installation companies anywhere in the world. These technicians are highly trained and receive ongoing on-the-job training, which means they become authorised fitters of our products. In addition they each hold an industrial rope techniques certificate. This knowledge and expertise are safeguards to enable them to safely operate at height and inside towers. And you can rest assured that your installation of monumental clocks, ringing bells or carillons is carried out in accordance with the state of the art.

Installation & restoration by our own specialists or the very best experts in the world

Installation and restoration of your clockwork installation

Each day our technicians or the technicians of our partners hit the road to set up your clockwork installation, operating between heaven and earth. We also cater for the restoration of your clocks. Where restoration is not an option, we are able to reconstruct new clock faces that are identical to the old ones. Clock-o-matic and its partners have restored hundreds of historical, mechanical tower clocks. Conservation is not just about preserving authentic components as widely as possible but also about giving the clockwork a new lease of life.

  • The largest cathedrals and monumental buildings have been restored or refurbished by Clock-o-matic in Belgium or by our international partners elsewhere. References to be proud of.
  • Clock-o-matic Belgium holds the official “Restoration by Craftsmen” certification
  • Chronos®is our unique electronic synchronisation and winding system for mechanical clocks that is used to invisibly integrate electronic components into the clockwork so as to optimise control and precision.

Installation and restoration of your bell installation

We supply all mechanical and electronic components for your ringing installation custom-built to the customer’s needs and requirements. After which it is installed by the best technicians. The Movotron® electronic ringing system ensures the clapper delivers the right dose of force onto the moving bell thereby preventing harmful vibrations that might harm the bell, the bell frame and the tower itself. In spite of the best possible care taken with bells, and with historical bells in particular, things can go wrong on the rare occasion. Cracked bells can be welded and broken crowns can be repaired. Wear as a result of the constant hitting of the clapper can be prevented.

  • As a manufacturer, we guarantee long-term availability of original replacement parts for all Clock-o-matic products
  • all mechanical products such as the electromagnetic hammers, clappers, ringing wheels, sounding bridges, ringing motors and bell frames are custom-built
  • the electronic Movotron® ringing system is the ultimate global reference for the protection of historical heritage

Installation and restoration of your carillon installation

We supply steeds the best possible bells and handle the entire installation of your carillon. Setting out from our longstanding experience, we provide feasible advice for every carillon project: restoration, adjustments, expansions or new projects. Where the latest technology is at the service of optimum tower instruments! The restoration of carillons is not restricted to the conservation of the existing, historical bell set of a carillon. We make sure this valuable set of bells rings and resounds as it has never sounded before by way of efficient tracker action and an accurate keyboard. Needless to say we devote the utmost care and attention to the conservation and optimum operation of the historical bell set.

  • we also restore the historical, mechanical playing drums of the automatic carillon system
  • the APOLLO® carillon computer complies with the strictest health and safety standards to automatically provide a set of bells with music
  • Clock-o-matic builds the carillon keyboards and the pertaining practice keyboards itself

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The best installation companies in our field of expertise and the most high-performance bell foundries worldwide use Clock-o-matic’s systems and products.

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