swinging bells

Swinging systems

An electronic swinging system ensures controlled and safe ringing, with respect for ringing traditions and heritage protection

Ringing is electronically controlled by the MOVOTRON® swinging system: this exclusive Clock-o-matic system ensures the bells and the bell tower are efficiently protected. The resounding result perfectly matches the tradition of manual bell ringing as it existed before.

Numerous local ringing traditions can be programmed by way of custom-created software versions. For example: synchronous ringing, full circle ringing (Spain), concerto and ambrosiano/veronese ringing (Italy), clapper catcher (Austria), Roman funeral (France).

Moreover, the MOVOTRON® swinging system is compatible with any existing installation.

swinging bells
in-house installation service

Maximum heritage protection

When restoring and automating your bell and clock installation, Clock-o-matic consistently seeks to protect the historical heritage

in its glory. Our systems are high tech, developed to ensure your bells and tower clocks enjoy the utmost protection for the years ahead.

From establishing the optimal swinging angle across limiting the impact of the clapper on the bell all the way up to ensuring monumental clocks are able to operate in extreme conditions. Our systems are designed to protect your historical heritage as widely as possible at all times.

Sevilla Spain
Brussels St. Michiel en Goedele
Germany Frauenkirche
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