Tempora® III master clock

Clock-o-matic is a trailblazer and market leader when it comes to designing master clocks. Across the globe, we have already installed over 25,000 Clock-o-matic master clocks over at the premises of 50,000 satisfied customers.

The Tempora III device was purpose-developed to perform bell and clockwork functions in smaller churches, schools and industry.

The Tempora III master clock ensures the automated performance of bell functions, such as ringing, tolling, hour strike, Roman funeral, Angelus, etc.  The installer programs the device entirely according to the end user’s requirements by way of sequences.

The manual performance of bell functions is controlled via the in-built control panel and the end user menu, such as manual tolling, switching the hour strike or Angelus on and off, selecting different ringing time schedules (regular programme, Easter, Christmas).

The Tempora III master clock also controls tower and slave clocks and switches continuous outputs such as central heating, dial illumination on and off.



Apollo via gsm
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