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We supply all components for your ringing installation

All mechanical products such as the electromagnetic strikers, clappers, wheels, yokes, swinging motors and bell frames are custom-built. The electrical installation complies with the strictest safety standards as well as all applicable regulations (CE, AREI, etc.) . Our electronic Movotron® swinging system is the ultimate global reference for the protection of historical heritage.


  • We supply high quality swinging bells and carillon bells. Restoration of clocks, expanding the ringing features, adding swinging bells, adjusting the existing bells, yokes and bell frames: these are activities in which Clock-o-matic boasts over 70 years’ experience. We make sure that any new bells added perfectly fit the tone colour and pitch of the bells already in place. In spite of the best possible care taken with bells, and with historical bells in particular, something may go wrong on the rare occasion. Cracked bells can be welded and broken crowns can be repaired. Wear as a result of the constant hitting of the clapper can be prevented. Clock-o-matic and its partners make every effort to properly repair or restore historical bells. Clock-o-matic Belgium holds the official “Restoration by Craftsmen” certification. (Class 3-D23 certification)
  • The bell frame and the yokes from which the bells are suspended, are carefully designed in consideration of the space available. We supply various types of constructions. We attach great importance to safety requirements in respect of the dynamic loads of swinging bells and clapper protection.
  • A wide range of electromagnetic strikers is available depending on the scope of application. Electromagnetic strikers for carillon bells can be mounted inside as well as outside the bell. The impact is regulated by a simple, mechanical device. For swinging bells, we provide adapted electromagnetic hammers that hit the bells more forcefully. These are suitable for exterior mounting and are fitted with a spiral pressure spring which enables the hammers to be finely set.
  • Clappers are available in different versions, shapes and sizes and are made from a range of different materials. The size and weight of the clapper depend on the diameter, the striking length and striking thickness of the bell. The clapper has a clapper hood that dampens the vibrations of the clapper and prevents the risk of breakage of the clapper hook or the clapper itself.
product line for bells - hammer
product line for bells - striker
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