Apollo III


Apollo® III multifunctional master clock

Clock-o-matic is a trailblazer and market leader when it comes to designing master clocks. Across the globe, we have already installed over 25,000 Clock-o-matic master clocks at the premises of 50,000 satisfied customers.

Apollo III is the successor to the famed Apollo I and Apollo II master clocks, which have been reliably in operation around the globe for decades.

Apollo III has a user-friendly touchscreen and is very easy to operate using one’s fingers or the reverse tip of a pen.

It works as a standalone device or can be connected to an ethernet network allowing users to take over the Apollo III’s screen via their own network, or even over the internet, with a pc, tablet or smartphone to remotely control the device.

Apollo III is able to automatically control and perform bell functions in churches and public buildings.

This includes: controlling ringing machines, electromagnetic swinging bell and carillon strikers, dynamic carillon strikers and automatic chimes.

Moreover the APOLLO III is able to control the tower clock, the heating, lighting, music (MP3), ringing signals, automatic gates, etc.

In short, for anything to do with time, the APOLLO III is a highly suitable and extremely reliable device.

Apollo display

Apollo® III is built in our own workshops in several versions

Apollo III is built in our own workshops in several versions: as a master clock, a carillon computer or a combination of the two, both as a wall-mounted device and as a 19” rack model.

Passionate technicians, each with decades’ experience, ensure the professional installation of the Apollo III. Working in tandem with yourselves they custom-program the device for your church or public building in line with the specific features you require: fixed year-round programmes – one-time programmes – functions that are to be instantly executed such as ringing the largest bell for 5 minutes for instance.

The user-friendly main screen has a menu control in the user’s language. The standard descriptions (commands) are available in Dutch, French, German, English and Spanish and can be switched at any time. The user menu has no less than 66 keys with a description and a parameter, of which 6 are on the main screen and 12 on the next 5 screens.

The modular structure even allows for intricate actions to be easily programmed in a methodically structured manner!

Digital bell system

Intelligent Apollo®III system for the ultimate ease of use

‘At home’ in your church. Anything from bells across clocks to internet-connected, intelligent systems that enable you to remotely control the heating, lighting, air circulation, audio, opening doors, bells, clocks, etc. Our Apollo® master clock III does it all and is also modular. Allowing you to decide when to make which connection.

  • DID YOU KNOW THAT…1 person is able to control multiple churches? Clock-o-matic gathers all systems in one place. This allows you to use one PC, tablet or smartphone to remotely control all your church installations.
  • DID YOU KNOW THAT…Clock-o-matic is able to offer remote assistance? Our latest systems are internet-connected. We offer permanent monitoring of your system. This connectivity with our back-office service platform allows for optimum remote service.
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