in-house production

In-house production

Development and manufacturing of all high-quality products in our own workshops

in-house production

Certified products

We are leading specialists in clockwork systems, bells, audio and church automation. The concept of time holds no secrets to us in terms of electronics and mechanics. As a certified artisan and contracting business we use products which comply with the strictest technical standards in the areas of over-voltage and lightning strikes. Our lab for instance puts the products through their paces to the extreme by simulating extremely hard-hitting lightning strikes.  In a nutshell, you may rest safe in the knowledge that your entire installation will be carried out in accordance with the state of the art.

In-house production of all electromechanical and electronic systems

Monumental clocks

All mechanical and electronic components for your monumental clocks are designed and built in our own workshops. Our programmed APOLLO® III , TEMPORA® or TEMPUS® master clocks are the electronic heart of the tower clock. Even the very shape of the tower clocks as such can be created in an infinite number of variants: from historical reconstruction to the most modern aesthetics. We make sure the tower clock is closely in keeping with the building’s architecture in terms of style and colour. The drive mechanisms have been developed by Clock-o-matic to ensure safe operation even in the most inclement weather conditions.

  • electronic cutting edge technology
  • automatic switching to summer and winter time
  • in-house built products comply with all European electronics norms
  • tailored programming

Ringing bells

The MOVOTRON® electronic ringing system ensures the clapper delivers the right dose of force onto the moving bell thereby preventing harmful vibrations that might harm the bell, the bell frame and the tower itself. Needless to say Clock-o-matic supplies all the components for your ringing installation. We make sure that any new clocks added perfectly fit the tone colour and pitch of the bells already in place. The bell frame is designed in consideration of the space available and the electrical installation complies with the strictest health and safety standards as well as all applicable regulations. All mechanical products such as the electromagnetic hammers, clappers, ringing wheels, sounding bridges, ringing motors and bell frames are custom-built.

  • MOVOTRON® is the ultimate global reference for the protection of historical heritage
  • custom-developed software supports all local ringing traditions
  • a considerable number of historical ringing bells are fitted with the MOVOTRON® ringing system
  • in combination with the programmed Apollo® III master clock, all commands are digitally controlled


We supply the best possible bells and handle the entire carillon installation. All materials and components are built by hand in our own workshops to serve the current project. Serial work is ruled out as every carillon needs to be built in a different space and to different parameters. We only use reliable materials that minimise subsequent maintenance. This level of flexibility has developed at Clock-o-matic and its partners courtesy of over 70 years’ experience. Clock-o-matic builds the carillon keyboards and the pertaining practice keyboards itself.

  • advice with every carillon project, restorations, adjustments, expansions and new projects alike
  • our Apollo® III device with integrated carillon computer plays carillon melodies and controls dynamic carillon hammers and automatic chimes
  • our digital systems, with loudspeakers and digitally sampled bells, can be a worthwhile alternative

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You want to be completely unburdened when it comes to the innovative management, maintenance and repairs of your monumental clocks, bells and tower clocks.


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You want a global player that operates in 50 countries on 5 continents.


Since 1949

You want a partner with over 70 years’ experience and an extensive network of the best technicians across the entire world.


“Time is the soul of this world”

Tradition meets technologie

Clock-o-matic – since 1949 – the ultimate reference worldwide


Our in-house research department is constantly working on the development of new and ways to improve the current systems.


Development and manufacturing of all high-quality and certified products in our own workshops.


We like to provide our expertise and input when it comes to the design and implementation of the forward-thinking concretisation of your religious heritage. You can count on a personal approach.


The best installation companies in our field of expertise and the most high-performance bell foundries worldwide use Clock-o-matic’s systems and products.

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