We design, build and optimise your carillon installation

The Low Countries are “the cradle” of the carillon culture: thanks to evolvements down the centuries, we now have impressive tower instruments.

Clock-o-matic or one of its international partners is now the link between this glorious past and a certain future for carillon culture.

The accomplishments of the past are combined with the technology of today in order to promote an even more riveting carillon culture.

We make it a point of honour to work up a design in consideration of the space available whereby the carillon is not only heard in the best possible manner but also able to be played to most favourable effect.

From experience, Clock-o-matic is able to put forward feasible advice for every project: restorations, adjustments, expansions or new projects. Where the latest technology is at the service of optimum tower instruments!


We look after your carillon project from A to Z

We supply the best possible bells and handle the entire carillon installation.

All materials and components are built by hand in our own workshops to match the current project.

Serial work is ruled out as every carillon needs to be built in a different space and to different parameters. We only use reliable materials that minimise subsequent maintenance.

This level of flexibility has developed at Clock-o-matic courtesy of over 70 years’ experience.

Clock-o-matic builds the carillon keyboards and the matching practice keyboards itself.

carillon drum
carillon keyboard
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