MOVOTRON® – a safe, electronic control system for bell-ringing

Since 1988, MOVOTRON is the leading electronic bell swinging system known for its unique digital control technology. The MOVOTRON is able to swiftly ring any bell, from very large to very small, and can be used on any existing installation.

The heart of the MOVOTRON swinging system is the microcontroller that operates the bells. Each bell has a sensor that registers the position of the bell and relays this information to the microcontroller.

The swing angle is kept constant courtesy of the feedback system, regardless of extraneous mechanical influences.

The system is extremely reliable. Ahead of any start, the device tests the swinging bells for electrical or mechanical disruptions, such as overload, phase interruption, a broken chain or a bell that is blocked. If there is any risk

the system automatically switches off.

The MOVOTRON system offers comprehensive features to configure the ringing which means the forces exerted on the bell frame and the building are reduced to a minimum.

This prevents uncontrolled, strong strokes of the clapper which might harm the bell. A properly controlled clapper stroke produces a lovely bell sound.

Movotron programming
Movotron Germany Frauenkirche Dresden

Soft control avoids shocks and disruptive sounds

MOVOTRON swinging systems are fitted with soft controls as standard. This exclusive, electronic power control reduces shocks during starting, swinging and braking as the motor’s power is gradually increased when it is switched on. This results in quiet operation and improved conservation of the mechanical components of your bell installation. Soft control avoids peak current on the power grid (in compliance with CE regulations).

The MOVOTRON® swinging system is compatible with all existing ringing installations

The MOVOTRON swinging system gets any bell ringing properly at the appointed times. The MOVOTRON swinging system can run on three-phase motors and linear motors.

Using a three-phase motor means the bell is set in motion by a motor via a chain or belt.

Using a linear motor means the bell is set in motion by a magnetic field with the bell ringing without any mechanical resistance.

Three-phase motors and linear motors can be used to power every possible swinging system using a falling as well as flying clapper.

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