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Anything from bells across clocks to internet-connected, intelligent systems allowing for the heating, lighting, the opening of doors, bells, clockworks, etc. to be remote controlled Our programmed Apollo®III master clock does it all. An intelligent system that delivers the ultimate in user comfort. In addition, Clock-o-matic’s systems are modular. Allowing you to decide when to make which connection and when to make which step towards the ‘church of the future’. We like to provide our expertise and input when it comes to the design and implementation of the forward-thinking concretisation of your religious heritage.

Total management of your heritage via 1 system

Automation of your clockwork installation

For the latest APOLLO® III, TEMPORA® and TEMPUS® master clocks all tower clock functions are performed fully automated. Needless to say everything is custom-programmed to the customer’s wishes. The in-built radio synchronisation (DCF receiver) is your safest guarantee for absolute accuracy. With the latest modules, software upgrades can be performed remotely. The electronic CHRONOS® synchronisation and winding system for mechanical clocks enables us to invisibly fit historical, mechanical tower clocks with electronic controls.

  • user comfort by way of custom programming
  • punctuality and accuracy through in-built radio synchronisation or GPS
  • remote software adjustments
  • comprehensive features

Automation of your ringing bell installation

Ringing is electronically controlled by the MOVOTRON® ringing system: this exclusive Clock-o-matic system ensures the bells and the bell tower are efficiently protected. The resounding result is perfectly in keeping with the tradition of manual bell ringing as it existed of old. Moreover, the MOVOTRON® ringing system is compatible with any existing installation. The TEMPORA® and APOLLO® III signal clockworks see to the manual or automated performance of all bell functions such as ringing, chiming, manual chiming, Roman mourning and Angelus.

  • Some references in Belgium: Victory bell of the Bruges Hall Tower –  the Victory bell and the Clock of Trades (1298) of the town hall in Damme –

    cathedrals of Antwerp, Brussels, Doornik, Mechelen – basilicas of Tongeren, Scherpenheuvel – the abbeys of Averbode, Leuven St.-Pieter

  • Some references from around the world: the cathedrals of Freiburg, Dresden, Würzburg – Riverside Church New York (18 ton bell) – the cathedrals of Burgos, Murcia, Sevilla, Jaén, Santander, Malaga, Granada, Barcelona – the cathedrals of Lourdes, Bordeaux, Montauban, etc.

Automation of your carillon installation

The automatic carillon system that announces the time is at the origin of the hand-played carillon. This automatic carillon playing continues to resound from all carillon towers on the hour, the half-hour and quite often on the quarters too. Automatic chimes evolved from the historical music drum with (adjustable) note styluses into computer-controlled systems. Clock-o-matic’s APOLLO® carillon computer meets the strictest health and safety standards to automatically provide a set of bells with music. The great convenience of use enables carillonneurs to program and change music with consummate ease.

  • Clock-o-matic has an impressive track record, both in new carillon projects and in major carillon restorations whereby the need to conserve existing heritage is a central concern.
  • we offer our long-standing experience from the design stage
  • all components are designed and built in our own workshops to the customer’s specific needs and expectations

Full church automation

Total management via 1 system. The Apollo®III device also remote controls electrically powered doors, in combination with the activation and deactivation of the alarm installation. Moreover the system also allows for the heating, air humidity and lighting of a (church) building to be optimised, managed and controlled. The same applies to the church’s music installation. The system also offers worldwide connectivity and visualised remote control via pc, tablet or smartphone.

  • access management
  • energy management
  • lighting
  • worldwide connectivity
  • audio control

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We like to provide our expertise and input when it comes to the design and implementation of the forward-thinking concretisation of your religious heritage. You can count on a personal approach.


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