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Across the globe there are numerous religious buildings, ranging from small chapels to imposing cathedrals, that use our tower clocks, ringing bell installations or carillons.

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Public buildings

Integrating chimes and clock faces into public buildings, parks or shopping centres, perks up the local neighbourhood and draws the attention of the members of the public.

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Monumental buildings

We have been specialising for many decades in building tower clocks and chimes for all kinds of locations, including churches, town halls, shopping centres, universities, railway stations, public buildings and private companies.

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We devised a special, very easy to use electronic control system for school bells, side clocks and alarms. We cater for traditional school bells and modern musical systems alike.

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Industry and trade

Incorporating a clock face into an industrial or public building often adds an extra dimension to its architecture. This not only increases the visibility of a building but also frequently supports the recognition of a company or brand associated with it.

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A rooftop turret with one or more bronze bells and/or a clock face enhances the landscape of more rural buildings. Clock-o-matic has also had the opportunity to undertake projects for specific sectors such as the sports industry.

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