Constant developments and optimisation


Church of the future

Our in-house research department is constantly working to develop new systems and ways to improve current systems. The electronic programmed Apollo® master clock, the carillon computer and the electronic Movtron® ringing system are just some of the fruits to come out of these efforts. Several of these innovations are protected by European patents.

We are ’at home’ in your church. Anything from bells across clocks to internet-connected, intelligent systems allowing for the heating, lighting, the opening of doors, bells, clockworks, etc. to be remote controlled Our programmed Apollo®III clock does it all and is also modular. Allowing you to decide when to make which connection.

Total management via our intelligent Apollo®III system

Central management of your churches

In order to step the user comfort in historical buildings, Clock-o-matic devised a powerful and multifunctional programmed Apollo®III master clock drawing on the latest innovations in the field of electronics. This device automatically performs and controls all bell functions in churches and public buildings. Moreover, it correctly controls your monumental clocks. Over the past few years, we have also added things such as lighting, heating and security.

  • You want the ultimate ease of use and comfort
  • You want to save on energy
  • You want gain time
  • You want punctuality

Multiple churches

Did you know that… 1 person is able to control multiple churches? We round up all systems in place. Allowing you to now remote control your church installations using 1 system via PC, tablet, smartphone or via the LCD screen. Clock-o-matic configures the programs for you ahead of time.

  • Total management via 1 system
  • +20.000 installed Apollo’s
  • More than bells
  • Multiple churches

Connectivity through our service platform

Did you know that… we are able to offer remote assistance? Our latest systems are internet-connected. We offer permanent monitoring of your system. Our back-office system allows for optimum remote service. Which means that if you get in touch with us by phone with a question, we may be able to remote assist. Doing so sees you save out an on-site intervention by one of our technicians.

  • Unique back-office system
  • Monitoring & remote assistance
  • Worldwide connectivity over the internet or on your local network and visualised remote control via pc, tablet or smartphone
  • You save on intervention costs
  • Remote support

At your service around the clock



You want to be completely unburdened when it comes to the innovative management, maintenance and repairs of your monumental clocks, bells and tower clocks.


Global player

You want a global player that operates in 50 countries on 5 continents.


Since 1949

You want a partner with over 70 years’ experience and an extensive network of the best technicians across the entire world.


“Time is the soul of this world”

Tradition meets technologie

Clock-o-matic – since 1949 – the ultimate reference worldwide


Our in-house research department is constantly working on the development of new and ways to improve the current systems.


Development and manufacturing of all high-quality and certified products in our own workshops.


We like to provide our expertise and input when it comes to the design and implementation of the forward-thinking concretisation of your religious heritage. You can count on a personal approach.


The best installation companies in our field of expertise and the most high-performance bell foundries worldwide use Clock-o-matic’s systems and products.

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