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Join us in building our success story!

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We invest in expertise, in our customers, and also in our employees. Skilled and motivated individuals are warmly welcomed here. You can apply spontaneously or respond to current job openings.

Our strengths

Market leader

Clock-o-matic is the market leader in the electronic and electromechanical equipment for bell ringing installations, monumental clocks, and carillons. With over 70 years of technical expertise in this specialized industry and sustained (inter)national market development, we have established a strong domestic market position and achieved successful global exports.

State-of-the-art technology

Clock-O-Matic integrates state-of-the-art technology in electronics, mechatronics, and networking in its systems. Additionally, it also provides the necessary mechanics and regularly undertakes complete projects, for example, for Shopping Centers. Its controllers are increasingly used as signaling systems, for instance, in schools.


You can see or hear our systems at thousands of locations across Europe – names like Frauenkirche Dresden, Santiago de Compostella, Gare Montparnasse, are just ‘highlights’ – and further in the US, Japan, Australia, etc.

Continued education & safety

Our technicians, as well as our certified dealers, receive comprehensive training and have opportunities for continuous education. Our employees work with personal protective equipment and operate with extremely safe materials.

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Join us in building our success story!

Those passionate about technology in its broadest sense, and who aspire to be relationship builders, customer partners, and trusted advisors for our dealer network, possess the ideal blend to contribute to the success story of a specialized SME with 45 employees.

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