Apollo III

Master clocks

Clock-o-matic installs its programmable clocks worldwide in your facilities.

Clock-o-matic is a trailblazer and market leader when it comes to designing master clocks.  Our APOLLO® , TEMPORA® and TEMPUS® master clocks are at the electronic heart of every ringing and tower clock installation.

They ensure the manual or automatic performance of all bell functions such as ringing, tolling, manual tolling, Roman funeral and Angelus. Moreover they also control tower and slave clocks.  The electronic cutting edge technology delivers unfailing accuracy, automatic switching to summer and winter time and radio-controlled time synchronisation.

Our master clocks stand out through their user-friendliness and comprehensive features. Needless to say everything is custom-programmed to the customer’s wishes. With the latest modules, software upgrades can be performed remotely. Our devices are internet-connected and can be controlled via pc, tablet or smartphone.

Across the globe, we have installed over 25,000 Clock-o-matic master clocks.

Our range of master clocks is comprehensive and adapted to suit your need.

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