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A suitable dial for any building

Since as far back as Antiquity, monumental clocks have been associated with prestige, exquisiteness and obviously time information. To this very day, a well-considered monumental clock can turn any building into a landmark. We design and build monumental clocks for churches, town halls, shopping centres, universities, railway stations, public buildings and private companies. Our trade and our passion is to assist you in selecting the right style of the dial and the hands, so that the monumental clock complies with the architectural and historical aspects of the building.

  • The purpose of tower clocks is first and foremost to show the time, which is why they are put up at highly visible locations, such as outside a church or a block of flats. These dials are not only functional, they also greatly add to the cachet and identifiability of the tower or the building they have been mounted onto.
  • Public clocks are put up in public spaces to show the time to the members of the public. In addition to showing the time, public clocks are often used as decorative elements that lend added grandeur to the architecture and aesthetic appeal of any building or public space. They act to enhance the exterior of a building or serve as a landmark. Some public clocks have a history that goes way back and are considered as historical monuments.
  • Floral clocks are an attraction in parks and gardens. They introduce the concept of a dial in the landscape architecture. Our floral clocks are particularly reliable thanks to use of stainless steel components. Special mechanical couplings protect against vandalism.
  • Antique mechanical clocks are part and parcel of our historical heritage and need to be preserved. We handle the restoration and have developed technology that enables us to fit these historical, mechanical clocks with an invisible electronic control allowing them to operate with precision again.
  • Astronomical clocks show astronomical information, such as the relative position of the sun, the moon and the signs of the zodiac. Moreover our powerful software is able to render the position of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and calculate the parameters of the planets for the next century. We have already created a few replicas of astronomical clocks based on the famous astronomical clock in Prague.




monumental clock
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monumental clock
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