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Advice & unburdening

Clock-o-matic products seek to protect your heritage to the maximum. Moreover, you can rely on an all-encompassing, fast and affordable service at all times. Based on our long-standing experience, we provide feasible tailored advice for your bells and bell installations for new-builds, restoration and automation projects. In short, Clock-o-matic and our partners are available to advise and unburden you when it comes to the management of your heritage project.

Five-star unburdening in practice

Advice & unburdening of your clock installation

Clock-o-matic and its partners are happy to advise on designing and building a matching dial with numerals and hands in any style for any tower or building with a very wide range of choices in terms of models, colours and materials. We are also available to handle the restoration of historical, mechanical tower clocks. The craftsmanship required to restore mechanical tower clocks, a craft now almost lost, is a major area of expertise of Clock-o-matic and its international partners.

  • Chronos® is our unique electronic synchronisation and winding up system for mechanical clocks
  • automatic switching to summer and winter time
  • largest clock in Belgium +8m ɸ
  • gilding using +23.75k gold leaf

Advice & unburdening of your bell installation

Clock-o-matic and its partners are able to design, build and optimise the wide range of possible bell combinations, in a technical as well as musical sense. We cater for all variations such as synchronous ringing or ringing with flying or falling clapper. Restoration of bells, expanding the ringing features, adding swinging bells, adjusting the existing bells, yokes and bell frames: these are activities in which we boast over 70 years’ experience!

  • our Movotron® swinging system with unique, digital control technology is the expert system for bell-ringing
  • in combination with the Apollo®III master clock, all  commands are digitally controlled.
  • +25 ton swinging bell fitted with MOVOTRON swinging system
  • +50,000 satisfied customers

Advice & unburdening of your carillon installation

We make it a point of honour to work up a design in consideration of the space available whereby the carillon is not only heard in the best possible manner but also be played to most favourable effect. Thanks to our longstanding experience, we are available to offer feasible advice for every project: restorations, adjustments, expansions or new projects.

  • Clock-o-matic Belgium has restored numerous historical carillons and holds the official “Restoration by Craftsmen” certification (Class 3 – D23 certificate)
  • we custom-design new carillons using CAD technology
  • we supply top quality bronze bells
  • we use the latest technology with a view to delivering the best possible tower instruments

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You want to be completely unburdened when it comes to the innovative management, maintenance and repairs of your monumental clocks, bells and bell towers.


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You want a global player that operates in 50 countries on 5 continents.


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You want a partner with over 70 years’ experience and an extensive network of the best technicians across the entire world.


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Clock-o-matic – since 1949 – the ultimate reference worldwide


Our in-house research department is constantly working on the development of new systems and ways to improve the current ones.


Development and manufacturing of all high-quality and certified products in our own workshops.


We like to provide our expertise and input when it comes to the design and implementation of the forward-thinking concretisation of your religious heritage. You can count on a personal approach.


The best installation companies in our field of expertise and the most high-performance bell foundries worldwide use Clock-o-matic’s systems and products.

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